Wang Huaiming Inspects Waigaoqiao Power Plant for Safety Supervision

On March 10, SEP President Wang Huaiming went to Waigaoqiao Power Plant to conduct a special safety inspection.



Wang Huaiming and his delegation checked the sites of Unit 4 maintenance and ultra-low emission rehabilitation, and paid special attention to site safety management, work ticket implementation and daily work handover, etc. At the project department shift team of SPIC Yuanda Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., they focused on shift leader's log, safety account and the safety duty performance of various levels of the power plant and main contractor, with detailed inquiry about the notification of recent personal safety accidents, implementation of the higher-level meeting spirit and execution of HSE management improvement.



Wang Huaiming affirmed the improvements made by the power plant in safety management, and put forward six requirements on this safety inspection as follows: first, the leading cadres should perform their due responsibilities of safety management, and various levels of safety examinations should go deep into the shift teams and work sites, including the outsourcing teams and operation sites; second, keep on strengthening HSE management improvement as well as reinforcing grassroots workers, basic work and basic skills, and carry out various improvement measures into the shift teams; third, continue to intensify all-coverage safety inspection, and make sure to formalize the procedures for each inspection; fourth, clarify the requirements on the qualification of outsourcing personnel at the tendering stage and enhance practical operation training; fifth, regard intrinsic safety as the foundation, strictly execute "two tickets and three rules", and increase efforts in anti-violation of regulations; sixth, implement the electricity supply guarantee measures during the annual NPC and CPPCC sessions, tighten work safety management, improve on-duty quality and ensure stable single-unit operation.


The leaders of SEP Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department, Production Department and Waigaoqiao Power Plant accompanied Wang Huaiming on the inspection, and participated in the inspection feedback meeting.

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