Wang Binghua Inspects SEP Japan

From February 26-March 1, 2017, SPIC Chairman and Party Secretary Wang Binghua, accompanied by SEP Chairman and Party Secretary Wang Yundan, went to SEP Japan Co., Ltd. (SEP Japan) to conduct a survey, and also inspected Sanda Hyogo PV Power Plant and Tsukuba Ibaraki PV Power Plant in commissioning.



At Sanda Hyogo PV Power Plant, Wang Binghua carefully examined the monitoring system and construction quality, expressed appreciation for the steady operation and proper handling of the relationship with the neighboring residents, and hoped that all the power plants of SEP Japan could maintain good construction quality. He noted that SEP Japan should pay special attention to the environmental protection issue in the process of project development and construction, in order to achieve harmony and win-win together with the local community.


At Tsukuba Ibaraki PV Power Plant, Wang Binghua held an in-depth exchange with the project partner on the practical application of agriculture-PV hybrid project, and hoped that all parties to make joint efforts to build Tsukuba project into an agriculture-PV hybrid demonstration project in Japan, with project design, production and O&M meeting the crop production to the greatest extent while focusing on experience accumulation and actively attempting fishery-PV hybrid projects. He encouraged SEP Japan to obtain its own economic benefits while attaching importance to social benefits.



Compared with his last visit more than a year ago, SEP Japan has made remarkable progress in various aspects, Wang Binghua said. He wished the company to keep in mind that development is the driving force of the enterprise, and that all the company staff would make persistent efforts to press ahead toward the goal of achieving a total installed capacity of 1 GW by 2020.


President of State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation Wang Fengxue, Director of SPIC International Business Department Liu Zhan, Deputy Director of SPIC Hydropower and New Energies Department Xu Shubiao and the other related personnel accompanied Wang Binghua on the inspection tour.

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