Wang Huaiming Conducts Safety Inspection on Wujing Power Plant

On February 23, SEP President Wang Huaiming went to Wujing Power Plant to conduct an inspection on work safety.



Wang Huaiming and his delegation went to the high pressure test class of electrical maintenance department and the rehabilitation site of Unit 9 respectively, and checked the duty execution by various levels of leaders and the electric safety on the construction site. Wang held a symposium with the shift teams and gave feedbacks on the safety inspection. He pointed out that judging whether the leading cadres have fulfilled their duties of work safety lies in checking whether they have conducted regular visits to the shift teams and whether they have instructed problems and raised requirements on site. He also highlighted the following four key points in the safety work of 2017: first, strictly implement the responsibility system of work safety, and all levels of leaders should take the lead to execute their duties of ensuring safety; second, focus on grass-roots workers, basic work and basic skills; third, strengthen outsourcing team management and manage outsourcing teams in the same way as the shift teams of their own power plant; fourth, pay attention to the execution of HSE management improvement. In addition, Wang raised a number of constructive suggestions on team construction and standardized team management, etc. Finally, he hoped the power plant to establish a solid foundation of work safety and make good achievements in business operation and efficiency increase in the new year.



The related leaders of SEP General Office, Human Resources Department, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department and Protection Department accompanied him on the inspection.

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