Wang Huaiming Inspects Caojing Cogeneration for Integrated Smart Energy Survey

On February 15, SEP President Wang Huaiming, Deputy President Huang Chen and their delegation went to Caojing Cogeneration to conduct a survey and instructed the work.



Wang Huaiming listened to the work report by Shi Peigang, GM of Caojing Cogeneration, and highly affirmed the efforts made and results gained by the power plant in the development of integrated smart energy. The power plant, as the pioneer of SEP in integrated smart energy services, should pay more attention to the customer side, center on customers, make use of the internet, in order to realize multi-energy complement and industry chain extension, Wang noted. The urban integrated smart energy system of SEP, starting with a regional service platform established by Caojing Cogeneration in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP), where the company headquarters integrate quality service resources and open up more services to the customers, will fully explore the potential in the cascaded utilization of energy, and provide more choices and chances for the customers.


Wang required the power plant to further enhance the key customers marketing and become the general agent of SEP in SCIP. The construction of smart industrial steam heat-supply network should be based on practical application, aim to benefit the customers and improve services, and help customers create value, with the final objective of becoming an integrated smart energy network providing safer, more reliable, high-quality and diversified services for customers and becoming a pioneer in gas turbine technology, comprehensive management and diversified services.


Huang Chen said that the power plant should give full play to its advantages, enhance the brand value, establish whole-staff marketing system, exercise and cultivate a group of multi-skilled talents with professional skills, management capability and business knowledge, have a good command of good-quality customers and make sure to work ahead of schedule in the development of key customers.



The leaders of SEP Science and Information Technology Department, Sales Department, Human Resources Department and Caojing Cogeneration as well as related personnel participated in the meeting.

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