Wang Huaiming Visits Changxing Gas-fired Power Generation for Safety Inspection

On January 11, 2017, SEP President Wang Huaiming and his delegation went to Changxing Gas-fired Power Generation to carry out work safety inspection, and conducted a comprehensive review on the duty fulfillment of the power plant leaders, shift team management, outsourcing team management and promotion of HSE management improvement items.



Wang Huaiming checked the power plant's work in the fields of shift team management, equipment management, outsourcing management, etc., pointed out the existing problems and put forward improvement suggestions.



Wang raised five requirements as follows: first, all the leading cadres and management personnel should fulfill their duties properly, point out problems and give improvement suggestions; second, the power plant should strengthen outsourcing team management, and designate responsible subjects and persons; third, the power plant should make sure that HSE management improvement items be implemented and established, give full play to information means with simplicity and actual effect; fourth, the power plant should complete the recent overhaul of workplace safety,  and secure protection measures against cold and freezing conditions; fifth, all levels of leading cadres should stick to their posts during the Spring Festival holiday, seriously perform their duties, and guarantee work safety and staff team stability.


SEP Production Department, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department and the other related personnel accompanied Wang on the inspection.

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