Wang Huaiming Attends Annual Fuel Work Meeting of 2017

On January 12, 2017, SEP President Wang Huaiming and Deputy President Guo Baohong went to Waigaoqiao Power Plant to attend the company's annual fuel work meeting of 2017.


Wang Huaiming listened to the report from the company's Fuel Management Department on the overall purchasing arrangement in 2017 and incentive scheme for blending combustion of economic coal, and the report from SEP Fuel on coal market forecast and coal purchasing plan for 2017 and business operation of Xiang'an Shipping. Wang noted that reducing fuel cost is the critical measure for completing the company's management task, and blending combustion of economic coal is an important approach for the company to realize maximum benefits. He required all the coal-fired power plants to fully utilize both domestic and overseas markets, aim at value creation, comprehensively push forward blending combustion of coal types with economic value, improve blending combustion ratio and reduce the company's fuel cost to the greatest extent on the premise of ensuring safety and emission reaching the standard, find out the weak links that constrain blending combustion one by one and solve them by way of lean management improvement. SEP Fuel should concentrate its efforts on searching for economic coal types, developing international market and securing reliable supply of economic coal, in order to enhance performance practically. The related departments of SEP headquarters should implement elaborate organization, strengthen coordination, ensure capital supply, manage and control risks, in order to further improve incentive mechanism for blending combustion, and continue to stimulate the enthusiasm of SEP Fuel and relevant power plants for blending combustion of economic coal.



Guo Baohong expressed that the fuel purchasing strategy in 2017 should follow the principle of "focus on overseas market, domestic market as supplementary; keep close watch on market, combine long-term and short-term contracts flexibly; optimize stock according to market situation; establish mechanism with preference on standard coal". He required the company to actively expand sources of coal supply, carry out blending combustion in a scientific and safe manner, make best efforts to reduce coal purchasing prices, and strive together to achieve the annual management task.


SEP Deputy Chief Economist Zhang Jian, main leaders of Finance Department, Production Department and various power plants gave speeches on lean fuel management and improvement work of economic coal blending combustion integrated with the characteristics of their own companies respectively.

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