Wang Yundan Visits the Front-line Staff in Wujing Power Plant and Carries Out "Look Back for Safe" Work

On 2017 New Year's Day, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan came to Wujing Power Plant early to visit the front-line staffs who stick to their positions at festival and checked the closed-loop situation of problems found in the safety inspectors.


In the center control room, dock and other production sites, Wang Yundan asked in details about the safety and environmental protection of the staff on duty, checked the rectification and reform situation of the problems found in the security inspect, and sent holiday condolences to the staffs.


Wang Yundan listened to the report of Zhang Jian, SEP Deputy Chief Economist and President of Wujing Power Plant, and affirmed the work in the power plant appearance rectification and safety inspect. He required that all employees should take this as the beginning to make new achievements in 2017.He asked that the first is to put the safety work on the very first place of all the work, to fully implement security responsibilities horizontally to the side and vertically to the end, to effectively enhance the level of enterprise security, to strengthen the management of outsourcing so as to ensure clean emissions and other major transformation project site safety, to continue to promote HSE upgrade work, to actively promote the good experience and practices so as to ensure the safe, environmental-friendly and economic units operation, to continue to implement the Party style, honest and clean government and the construction of "two responsibilities", and to earnestly fulfill the "one post double responsibility"; the second is to attach importance to and vigorously carry out coal blending burning work, and to make overall plans and take all factors of the fuel and power plant management work in Wujing Power Plant into consideration; the third is to take all the power generation arrangements of four units into account according to the electricity market and the relevant requirements of energy-saving emission reduction,; the fourth is to break the "wall" awareness, and actively adapt to the new economic trend, go out from the wall, take the initiative to communicate with local governments and relevant departments, play the technical advantages of Wujing Power Plant, organize the research forces, find opportunities to develop integrated wisdom energy, actively participate in market competition, and make contributions to SEP’s transnational operation; the fifth is to further strengthen the Party construction work around the enterprise center, give full play to the role of the Party organizations, play the leading role of “Harmony Culture” concept, and play the bridge role of the group organizations to maintain staff stability and positive enterprise climate.


SEP Office, Human Resources Department, Production Department, Fuel Department, Safety and Quality and Environmental Protection Department, as well as the relevant person in charge of the power plant accompanied the inspection and condolences.

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