SEP Holds Main Responsible Persons Forum of Companies Under SEP

On 2016 December 30th, 2016 Main Responsible Persons Forum of Companies Under SEP was held at Waigaoqiao Power Plant. SEP Chairman Wang Yundan and President Wang Huaiming participated the forum and gave the speeches, while Duputy President Guo Baohong, Xing Lianzhong, Huang Chen, Xia Meixing, Secretary of Disciplinary Inspection Committee and Chairman of Labor Union Gu Ai, and CFO Chen Wenhao attended the forum, summarized and made arrangements of their work. SEP Chief Law Counsel Wu Ming, Duputy Chief Economist Shi Mingwei and main responsible persons of other 32 companies under SEP made communication and discussion on the forum. Wang Huaiming presided the forum.

Firstly, Wang Yundan, on behalf of SEP Party Committee and the Board, gave New Year’s Day wishes to all the cared and staff and thanked them for the achievements in 2016 from their hard work. In his analysis of the work in 2016, he pointed out that with the further strengthen of safety consciousness, SEP earnestly enhanced the development of new energy and insisted on developing the clear energy to form a trans-nation operating mode with international geographic structure as well as the stronger horizontal cooperation between companies under SEP. By carrying out ‘Two Studies and One Become’ study campaign seriously and pragmatically, and inspecting ‘Eight Rules’ of Central Government and ‘Five Prohibitions and Twenty-three Bans’ of SPIC strictly, SEP has been injected new content and energy so as to achieve new fruits in Party construction.

Wang Yundan also made important instructions on the reform of state-owned enterprises, electricity system and SPIC and the reinforcement of capital and asset safety combined with the risk precaution and audit supervision. At the same time, he asked all the staff to set up the concept of ‘Do right things in correct ways’ and ‘transnational operation’ while strengthen the position and role of Party Committee and the Board in SEP’s governing structure.

He required that in the very new year, SEP should insist on the principle of understanding the situation clearly, finishing the work accordingly and getting the position by promising people, on the safety concept of ‘transverse to the edge and vertical to the end‘, and on the principle of ‘focus on the development, increase the profit and promote the harmony’ and the working style of ‘being smooth on the surface while firm in the heart‘. SEP should insist on the one-two-three-four developing system, the reform determination to ‘make superiors convinced, departments balanced the staff satisfied’, and the conviction of ‘Three Thousands’ hardworking spirit.

He required that SEP, in the year of 2017, should keep practicing the developing ideal of ‘Innovation, Coordination, Green, Open and Share’ to further enhance the ability of SEP Party Committee to control the overall situation and that of the Board to make decisions. By seizing the opportunity of ‘Breakthrough Year’ of SPIC, SEP will focus on the vision of SPIC to build an comprehensive international innovative energy group and modern state-owned enterprise with core competence and realize the top goal to achieve success of ‘corner overtaking‘. SEP will regard the ‘Three optimization and Three enhancement’ of SPIC as motivation to complete the task assigned by SPIC though the principle of understanding the situation clearly, finishing the work accordingly and getting the position by promising people and ‘focus on the development, increase the profit and promote the harmony’. SEP will consolidate the basis of safety production, keep the stock level by lean production and enlarge the increment by value production. SEP will become the ‘pacemaker’ of SPIC and greet the convening of the 19th National People’s Congress by realizing the vision of building another SEP overseas in 2020.

With the understanding of ‘Breakthrough Year’ of SPIC, Wang Huaiming required SEP to position the company as a ‘pacemaker’ in the overall situation of SPIC and analyzed the main challenges that SEP might face in the work of 2017 to realize profit increase, development promotion and safety guarantee. He noted that SEP and its subordinates should observe the overall situation correctly and act accordingly so as to conquer the challenges and achieve the progress. He gave seven comments on the main work of 2017. First, try all the methods to keep growth. Second, ensure safety production by strict management. Third, realize breakthrough in the transnational operation. Fourth, vigorously develop new energy and comprehensive smart energy. Fifth, insist on the deepening reform as motive power. Sixth, deepen the lean management and management uplifting on a full scale. Seventh, further strengthen the work of SEP Party construction work.

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