Wang Huaiming Inspects Luojing Power Plant of Safety Work

On December 27th, SEP President Wang Huaiming and his delegation went to Luojing Power Plant to conduct a comprehensive safety inspection on the point inspection teams and safety production and management of Luojing chemical project team.


Wang Huaiming required that the first is leading cadres at all levels to perform their duties in order to ensure the transmission of safety pressure, to run more to the front lines and sites so as to conduct more team inspections. He pointed out the safety problems in the production, and put forward the requirements and measures to improve work and earnestly implement the work of “Three foundations”. The second is to strengthen the management of outsourcing teams, to strictly examine the quality of outsourcing teams, to make clear the management responsibility and responsible person of the outsourcing team, to strictly examine the outsourcing team production organization method, to ensure the qualification of key personnel, and to strengthen inspection guidance and on-site inspection of safety production work of the outsourcing teams. The third is to speed up the implementation of HSE system upgrade work to a higher standard and more strict requirements in order to enhance the implementation of every HSE upgrade measures. The fourth is to complete the security work at the beginning and the end of the year combined with the characteristics of power plant production in winter, to grasp the cold antifreeze measures, and to put safe production in front of business development as always.


SEP Production Department, Safety and Quality and Environmental Protection Department and the responsible people of relevant units participated in the inspection.

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