Wang Yundan Inspects Qiantan Project Site for Safety Supervision

On December 13, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan inspected SEP Green Energy Company, and conducted safety supervision on the construction site of Qiantan Energy Center Project, located in Pudong district.


Wang Yundan listened to the work report on safety management and schedule control made by the project director, and then went to the construction site to learn about the engineering process, quality and cost control of the project carefully, with a field inspection and understanding of the following work plans.



Wang noted that SEP Green Energy should comply with the general development direction of industry policy, complete the project construction and management work, maintain strict grip on safety and quality of Qiantan project construction, implement various work safety documents of SPIC and SEP solidly in the first place, fully understand the management principle of "market-oriented and customer-centered", increase the economy of distributed energy projects, and develop customer base actively, while executing the engineering schedule in strict accordance with the plan and stressing quality and safety.



Wang underlined that SEP Green Energy should stay true to its mission, consider customers' demand as its own duty, and provide cost-efficient and good-quality energy with high reliability for customers, and strive to establish a good example of energy centers for SPIC, the city of Shanghai and even to a larger extent.


The related leaders of SEP General Office, Engineering Management Department and Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department participated in the inspection.

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