Wang Yundan Inspects Wujing Power Plant on Work Safety

On December 5, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan, Deputy President Xing Lianzhong and their delegation went to Wujing Thermal Power Plant to carry out supervision on duty fulfillment of work safety and a safety inspection.

Wang checked the sites of coal dock, oil depot, hydrogen station, ammonia station and ultra-low emission rehabilitation project on Unit 8 and Unit 9, and inspected the situation of production, construction and safety management. Afterwards, he visited the DCS shift team of Thermotechnical Maintenance Department, held symposium with them and reviewed the related accounts on daily safety management, with a comprehensive understanding of shift team management, etc.

Wang made five requirements as follows: first, work safety is of utmost importance, and thus all levels of leaders should pay special attention to it, fulfill their duties completely in strictly accordance with SPIC's regulations and requirements, and carry out the latest arrangements and requirements on work safety by SPIC and SEP to the letter; second, strengthen the management of construction site safety and civilized production, strictly divide production area and construction area, and resolutely eradicate device-related violations; third, improve outsourcing team management, and make sure safety management has covered all the aspects; fourth, continue to launch HSE improvement activities, complete the process of self-perfection and self-improvement, reinforce the amendment and implementation of regulations and start from the fundamental work; fifth, it is near the turn of the year, and protection work against cold and freezing conditions should be attached great importance to, in order to ensure safe operation of all the unit equipment and accomplish the production task during the winter peak.


SEP Deputy Chief Economist Zhang Jian and leaders of Production Department and Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Department accompanied Wang on the inspection tour.

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