Wang Huaiming Inspects Caojing Cogeneration to Guide Lean Management Diagnosis

On November 4, SEP President Wang Huaiming and his delegation went to Caojing Cogeneration to inspect and guide lean management diagnosis work. Wang Huaiming listened to the report on the implementation of lean management diagnosis work by Caojing Cogeneration, and discussed with those present at the meeting about the special diagnosis report on lean market development, lean capital management, lean material management and lean non-planned outage management.

Wang Huaiming affirmed that Caojing Cogeneration adopted lean management tools and methods in the process of lean management diagnosis, analyzed and found out gaps and problems seriously, through "diagnosing, correcting and improving simultaneously", and has already achieved certain results. He stressed that the power plant should stay true to its mission in lean management diagnosis, insist on problem-oriented and target-oriented methodology, and focus on enhancing management and improving performance. He required that Caojing Cogeneration integrate with its own practice and the characteristics of Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, make an investigation of key issues, stick to quantitative analysis, and reach the conclusion based on data; pay attention to problem-oriented method, not only apply the Pareto Principle to finding the main reason, but also insist on getting to the root of the matter, adopt the why-why analysis to seek the real reason, in order to achieve effective correction and improvement.


The related personnel from SEP Finance Department, Policy and Law Department, Materials and Procurement Department, Production Department, Sales Department and Party Affairs Department joined in the discussion.

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