Wang Yundan Lectures to Cadre Training Class of 2016

On November 2, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan gave a lecture to the first batch of students from plant/department-chief-level cadre training class of 2016, with the title of "Understand the situation, adapt to the trend, and make a difference—challenges, crises and integrated smart energy development trend confronting SEP".

Wang focused on the analysis of SEP's internal and external challenges and opportunities under the background of global energy structure adjustment, and elaborated on the strategic necessity for the company to actively develop integrated smart energy and practical countermeasures. During his lecture, Wang integrated the company's purchase of controlling stake of Pakistan-based K-Electric Limited with in-depth analysis on the company's future business development strategy. He noted that as long as leading cadres keep updated with the knowledge of external situation and combine with adequate introspection on internal advantages and disadvantages, they could find out the best way and adapt to the trend, in order to help SEP realize "Four Transformations" as soon as possible.  


Based on the company's strategic development need, the training course for plant/department-chief-level cadres in 2016 was divided into four thematic modules including "frontier research and hot issues", "management improvement", "creative leadership" and "two studies and one become", with the aim to enhance leaders' comprehensive quality from awareness, knowledge and skills.


The training course for plant/department-chief-level cadres in 2016 lasts four days in a closed-door manner. A total of over 130 leading cadres from SEP and its subordinated companies will attend the course in four batches.

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