Wang Yundan Visits Caojing Power Plant for Safety Inspection

On October 31, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan and Deputy President Xing Lianzhong together with a delegation visited Caojing Power Plant to conduct a special safety inspection and attend a weekly meeting on HSE management system improvement by the pilot companies.


Wang made site visits to the hydrogen station, ammonia station and oil pump room, and carried out a safety inspection on Caojing Project Department of SEP Engineering, with a detailed understanding of the safety construction situation and implementation of SPIC's recent safety production documents on behalf of the project teams.

Wang required all the cadres and staff to deeply understand that safety production is the biggest foundation for the company to carry out every task. The main leaders of the subordinated companies and leaders in charge of safety production should take the lead to put safety production as the first priority all the time, make sure that they will conduct inspection on the production site every day, make themselves examples to the staff through their own practice, thus encourage the staff's awareness of safety production responsibility, and eventually develop an all-round and thorough safety production responsibility system. Besides, they should strictly implement the related requirements of "Emergency notice on carrying out special rectification of safety production" by SPIC, conduct special training on safety education, review the qualifications of outsourcing group personnel and check hidden dangers again with a complete coverage.


After that, Wang and his delegation attended the weekly meeting on HSE management system improvement by the pilot companies. Caojing Power Plant and Caojing Cogeneration gave a report on access control system implementation plan respectively.


Wang affirmed the efforts made by the two pilot companies on the formulation of the related plan. He asked the two companies to accelerate the making of the plan and come up with a set of unified and standardized implementation plan. Waigaoqiao Power Plant should join the two companies in the final implementation of the plan. Regarding the following pilot work, Wang advised the two pilot companies to steadily carry out the relevant work according to the principle of "Study a project until mastering it" and "Promote a project only when it has matured", and attempt to effectively improve safety production level of their own company while accumulating precious experience for future promotion within SEP.

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