Wang Yundan Visits Iraq Project Department in Mid-Autumn Festival

As an ancient Chinese poem reads, “May we all be blessed with everlasting health and happiness. Though far apart, we are still able to share the beauty of the moon together." On September 15, the Chinese Mid-Autumn Day, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan visited the Iraq Wassit Project Department and celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival together with the staff in Iraq.

Wang came to the central control room, infirmary and staff canteen, shook hands with all the staff warmly, conveyed festival greetings to them for their hard work overseas and presented gifts.

Wang spoke highly of the project department for its improvement in various aspects. He noted that the project department had a good work atmosphere which showed high team morale, good logistic support which indicated improving living environment and good production performance which made such a trimmed down but no less effective team. He required the Wassit Project Department to become a cradle for the company to train overseas talent, for SPIC to cultivate "Harmony Culture" and for enterprise reform and innovation.


The Mid-Autumn Festival Party reached a climax with a chorus of the song "My Chinese Heart". Just as the song goes, the overseas staff care about their own family, company and motherland anytime anywhere. At present, far away from their home and motherland quietly serving for the company's long-term development, they are the "most lovable people" of SEP in the new era!


SEP Deputy Chief Economist Zhang Jian and leaders of related departments and companies accompanied Wang on the visit.

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