SEP Stands Out in SPIC Electrical Test Skill Competition

On September 9, SPIC Electrical Test Skill Competition of 2016 was concluded successfully at SEP Skill Training Center. SPIC Deputy Chief Engineer and Human Resources Department Director Hu Jiandong, SEP President Wang Huaiming and SPIC Talent College Deputy Head Ma Xiao attended the closing ceremony.

Hu Jiandong affirmed SPIC's achievements made in various skill competitions in recent years. He asked all the companies to continue to reinforce the training of skilled talent, and make greater contributions to the construction of SPIC's high-skilled talent team, core competitiveness enhancement and realization of "corner overtaking".


The SEP team won the first group prize in the competition. Chen Xiaoyi from Minghua Electric Power won the first prize in individual honors while Zhu Qiwen and Zhang Shunren from the same company won the second prize, and Shen Chenglin from Wujing Power Plant won the third prize. SEP won the Outstanding Organization Award and SEP Skill Training Center won the Outstanding Contribution Award.


As the sponsor of this competition, SEP paid special attention to the competition organization, and Skill Training Center had started the preparation work several months before. The company also selected a few backbone personnel with excellent professional capability, who were sent to Skill Training Center to conduct closed-door training, during which SEP leaders, related department and company heads visited Skill Training Center several times to convey greetings to the players, encouraging them to train hard and strive to win glory. The company players carried forward the "Three-thousands" hardworking spirit, demonstrated enthusiastic, energetic and promising mental state of SEPers, and finally achieved excellent results in the competition.


There are 44 players of 22 teams from 14 subsidiaries of SPIC taking part in the competition.

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