SPIC Deputy Chief Accountant Inspects SEP

On August 18, SPIC Deputy Chief Accountant Gao Guangfu, Full-time Directors and Supervisors Wang Jiangong and Nie Yitao visited SEP headquarters and Caojing Power Plant to conduct research. SEP Chairman Wang Yundan, Deputy President Xia Meixing and CFO Chen Wenhao participated in the research.

Wang Yundan reported the company's operation and development, corporate governance and board activities. He expressed that SEP would always persist in the principle of creating maximum value for shareholders, innovate and forge ahead, work hard and steadily to enhance the company's profitability and competitiveness, continue to improve corporate governance, and strive to build up a industry-leading innovative international integrated energy enterprise.

Gao Guangfu affirmed SEP's achievements made in operation, development and corporate governance. He noted that SPIC established the full-time director and supervisor system in order to reinforce the board team construction, which helped fully play the critical role of board in corporate governance.


At Caojing Power Plant, Gao Guangfu sang high praise for its results in production, management, and energy conservation and emission reduction in recent years. He pointed out that the power plant, with advanced emission indicators, leading management level and solid fundamental work, is the cradle of talent training for SEP's "Go Global" strategy. He hoped the power plant to continue to strengthen its core competitiveness in high efficiency and environmental protection, positively tackle various difficulties and challenges brought by electricity system reform, take effective measures to make the best use of the situation and change challenges into opportunities.


The related leaders of relevant SEP departments and Caojing Power Plant also joined in the inspection.

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