Wang Huaiming Visits Tianji Power Plant for Safety Inspection

On March 23, 2016, SEP President Wang Huaiming visited Tianji Power Plant for a special safety inspection with his delegation. The power plant general manager Li Feng, the management team and the leaders of related departments accompanied Wang in the inspection.


Wang and his delegation inspected the sites of coal pulverizer areas for the four units, turbine-room basements, condenser pump pit for Unit 2, control rooms for Phase I and Phase II, organized and participated in the symposium with the coal handling maintenance outsourcing team, visited the turbine team, boiler team and electrical maintenance team of SEP Engineering Company to know about the implementation of safety documents, and checked the firefighting rectification implementation of the SEP Engineering canteen. At the team site, they checked video on the mobile APP for the power plant’s outsourcing team pre-shift meeting.


In the following safety symposium with the power plant management team and leaders of major departments, Wang listened to the report of outsourcing lean management information system construction situation, checked the GPS locating, work area assignment, on-spot mobile APP shooting of field anti-regulation actions and uploading related videos, with detailed checking and inquiry about the implementation of safety work, the spirit of speeches made by the group company leaders as well as various safety management regulations.


Wang fully affirmed the power plant for its safety management work and on-site civilized production situation, with four requests for the special safety inspection as follows: firstly, now that the management form of safety production has changed, with higher standards, stricter requirements and more severe punishments, the power plant shall enhance thought education with real practice and solid work, and focus on safety production from the management perspective; secondly, everyone should correctly handle the relations between safety, management and benefit, and always put safety production in the first place; thirdly, stick to “prevention first” and realize intrinsic safety. Start from the strict supervision on three kinds of persons, i.e. work leader, work approver and work ticket issuer, fight against anti-regulation operation behaviors, carry out troubleshooting on equipment defects and hidden dangers, spare no efforts to eliminate hidden dangers while reinforcing outsourcing engineering management, prevent against fluke mind and carelessness, and reduce the safety influence coefficients to the minimum at the source; fourthly, implement overall lean management, apply lean management concept to reducing waste, eliminating risks and defects. “Safety is like a glass ball in our hand and thus we cannot afford to drop it by accident,” Wang emphasized. He hoped the power plant to aim higher and strive to become the national benchmark of 600MW class units, and ensure safety and benefit while providing experience.


Li Feng vowed that the power plant would implement various safety production management regulations of the group company and SEP, strengthen safety mind and sense of responsibility, complete the planning of outsourcing engineering management information system, enhance safety management of ultra-low emission project and ensure safe and sustained development of the company.

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