Wang Huaiming Conducts Safety Inspection on Waigaoqiao Power Plant

On March 22, 2016, SEP President Wang Huaiming and his delegation visited Waigaoqiao Power Plant for a special safety inspection.

Wang and his delegation inspected the sites of central control room and BOP system of power generation department, fuel department and the dork, went separately to the safety symposiums with fuel department units, the power plant management and the leaders of major departments, with detailed checking and inquiry about the implementation of spring safety inspection, the spirit of speeches made by the group company leaders as well as new regulations and documents.


Wang put forward four requests on the special safety inspection situation as follows: firstly, the management form of safety production has changed, with higher standards, requirements and more severe punishments, which shall be fully recognized; secondly, everyone should correctly handle the relations between safety, schedule, benefit and efficiency, and always put safety production in the first place; thirdly, complete 25 rectification tasks on countermeasures and technical monitoring, as well as outsourcing engineering management and troubleshooting of major hidden dangers, with timely and thorough treatment and prevention against “fluke mind, carelessness and blindness”; fourthly, implement overall lean management, apply lean management concept and methodology to seeking true causes, eliminating risks and solving problems, in order to ensure long-term stable practice of safe and civilized production.


The power plant general manager Wan Wenwei expressed that all the staff would strengthen the knowledge of safety production concept, further intensify the safety production duties and sense of responsibility of various departments, earnestly accomplish a series of safety production work including 25 rectification tasks on countermeasures and technical monitoring as well as super-clean emission project, outsourcing engineering management and “two tickets and three rules”, in the hopes of safeguarding the enterprise transformation and development.


The persons in charge of the related SEP departments and Waigaoqiao Power Plant also participated in the inspection.

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