Wang Huaiming Inspects Changxing Island Power Plant for Smart Energy Survey

On March 18, 2016, SEP President Wang Huaiming visited Changxing Island Power Plant and inspected the supply work of integrated smart energy for the purpose of special survey.

Wang listened to the report of General Manager of Changxing Island Power Plant Gao Jianlin on a series of topics including the work developed on PV power generation project, centralized heating and other integrated smart energy supply, the planning of PV power project in 2016 (5MWp for construction and 2MWp for operation), the formulation of 13th Five-Year Plan of the power plant on integrated energy development, the exploration of PV power plant, agriculture-PV hybrid power and fishing-PV hybrid power projects, as well as the communication work with the government agencies and various enterprises and organizations on the island.


Wang affirmed the work conducted by the power plant on integrated smart energy supply and that the power plant, without being confined to power generation and heat supply, have been forging ahead toward integrated smart energy supply in the process of transformation and development. Wang noted that Changxing Island Power Plant should provide integrated energy with various energy forms catered to the user needs, including derivative products, and come up with a package solution meeting the needs of the users which highlights “safety, reliability, economy, high-efficiency, simplicity, convenience, highly centralization”. In addition, the power plant should pay attention to smartness, and combine energy production with transmission, distribution and consumption. “Now that we do it, we must do it well and make it bigger. Small company could also make big contribution,” Wang said. He encouraged the power plant to produce experience in integrated energy supply and lead its parent company SEP in various fields.


Wang required the power plant to implement the spirit of the group company SPIC’s integrated smart energy conference, and accomplish the following goals: to establish a professional work team, to develop innovative methods to approach users and meet their needs, to start with planning, participate in the government planning and make the company’s own plan as early as possible, to rely on the government’s support, to dig into smartness and make breakthrough from key projects.


Wang also inspected the sites of the power plant’s PV power project and centralized heating pipeline project. The persons in charge of SEP policy and law department, production and technology department, planning and development department and sales department accompanied Wang in the inspection tour.

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