SEP Labor Union Holds Symposium to Commemorate Women’s Day

On March 8, 2016, SEP Labor Union held a symposium to commemorate the 106th Anniversary of International Working Women’s Day, in order to review and summarize the working situation of the company’s female employees. The women employee committee heads from SEP and its subsidiaries talked about how to give full play to the role of “half the sky” and the feelings about striving to become new women of the new era. SEP Chairman and Party Secretary Wang Yundan delivered an important speech in the symposium, which was chaired by SEP Labor Union Chairman and Secretary of Disciplinary Inspection Committee Gu Ai.

In the symposium, SEP Women Employee Committee Chief Li Xin summarized the work of the Second Women Employee Committee, and introduced the thought on the women employee work in 2016. In the past year, women employees from all units of SEP have been working courageously based on their own posts, actively joining in a series of events such as building “May 1” Female Innovation Studio and Female Civilization Post, with ample rewards. You Zhe from Minghua Electric Power was named “Shanghai May 1 Female Innovation Studio of 2015” by Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions for her female innovation studio in electricity generation technology R&D and service, which was also among the first batch of 30 innovation studios which obtained municipal recognition. During the event of building female civilization posts organized by Shanghai Women’s Federation, SEP Operation Caojing Cogeneration Project Department Chemical Testing Unit, SEP Engineering Finance Department and SEP Caojing Power Plant Finance Department were granted the title of Shanghai Female Civilization Posts. SEP leaders awarded medals to the above units winning the municipal level honors in the symposium. And the persons in charge of those units gave speeches to communicate the building process and working experience with the audience.

Wang Yundan fully affirmed the hard work of women employees in the past, while making requests for women workers and women employee committees in the next stage. First, he hoped them to become smart women and build “SEP Dream” with concerted efforts. Second, he hoped women employee committees to resort to innovation and continuously enhance and implement organizational functions. Wang also wished women employees to forge ahead with dedication and entrepreneurship in the coming work, with contributions to the implementation of SEP’s “1234” strategy as well as constructing the group company into an innovative, international integrated energy group and pioneer of modern SOE.

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