Wang Yundan Inspects Qiantan Energy Center Project

On March 4, 2016, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan visited the project site of Qiantan Energy Center located in Pudong district and inspected the construction work.

Wang inspected the current situation of the project site and the construction progress of the energy storage tank, with detailed understanding of the investment and construction progress and further requirements for safe and civilized construction as well as quality, construction cost and progress control.

Wang noted that Qiantan Energy Center Project is the first distributed energy project of SEP, and SEP Green Energy Company would spare no effort to carry out construction work while integrating the latest energy efficiency technology with smart technology, attempt to build the energy center into a “Internet Plus” smart energy base with cooling, heating, electricity supply and solar power generation, and create an “Industry 4.0” energy enterprise with SEP features at the meantime.


Major leaders of SEP Green Energy and SEP Crelead accompanied Wang in the inspection tour.

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