SEP Leaders Visit Staff’s Homes Ahead of Spring Festival

Between February 1-5, ahead of the Spring Festival holiday of 2016, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan, President Wang Huaiming and Chairman of Labor Union and Secretary of Disciplinary Inspection Committee Gu Ai paid special visits to the company’s model workers, family of overseas staff as well as staff with difficulties, extending New Year wishes to all the staff and wishing them a happy, healthy and lucky New Year.

Wang Yundan gave holiday greetings to the family of Iraq project department employee Jia Yong. He fully affirmed Jia’s work and achievements made in the Iraq Wassit project, while appreciating his family for understanding and supporting the “going out” strategy of SEP, with sincere thanks to them for overcoming difficulties at home and making Jia devoted to overseas work.

Wang Yundan also visited Huang Wei, a sick employee at Caojing Power Plant. He carefully asked about Huang’s living condition and treatment situation, encouraged him to take a good rest while fighting against illness positively, and brought consolation money to him. Huang and his family expressed thanks for the care and help of the company leaders.

Wang Huaiming paid a special visit to 92-year-old Yang Jinfu, a retired model worker from Yangshupu Power Plant. He had a cordial talk with Yang, and sent him warmest regards from the Party and the company labor union. He extended heartfelt thanks to Yang for his remarkable contribution to electricity career, with sincere New Year’s greetings.

During the visit to Chen Jie, a sick employee at Waigaoqiao Power Plant, Wang Huaiming inquired about the details of Chen’s illness, as well as the living condition and health condition of Chen’s family. He encouraged them to trust advanced medical technology, hold belief to Chen’s treatment and keep an optimistic mind to get better soon. Meanwhile, Wang sent New Year wishes to them.

Gu Ai visited the home of Shen Buwan, a retired veteran cadre of Minhang Power Plant, carefully asking about his health condition and family life. Gu was glad to see that 98-year-old Shen was still able to think clearly, speak fluently and walk vigorously, hoping him would continue to care about the company development and wishing him to enjoy happiness, health and longevity.

Gu also visited Malta Company employee Chen Zhichao’s home, and inquired about the living condition of Chen’s family. He appreciated them family for supporting and understanding Chen’s work, and sent holiday greetings to them.

The related persons in charge of SEP General Office, Party Affairs Department, Caojing Power Plant, SEP Operation Company, Waigaoqiao Power Plant, Minhang Power Plant and Yangshupu Power Plant participated in the visit.

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