Wang Yundan, Wang Huaiming, Wu Xilin Attend SPIC Overseas Investment Risk Management Guide Compilation Kick-off Meeting

On January 25, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan, President Wang Huaiming and Director of Audit and Internal Control Department of SPIC, Wu Xilin attended SEP’s kick-off meeting on the compilation work of SPIC Overseas Investment Risk Management Guide. SEP Deputy President Sun Weidong, and Secretary of Disciplinary Inspection Committee and Chairman of Labor Union, Gu Ai also attended the meeting.



Wang Yundan clarified the necessity of overseas investment risk management. He pointed out that under the guidance of “One Belt One Road” initiative, the overseas development strategy has become the only way to achieve SPIC’s sustainable development given that the domestic power investment demand met the bottleneck. SEP will strictly carry out the supervision requirements of the government and SPIC as well as continuously strengthen overseas investment risk control while vigorously implementing overseas development strategy. All the departments of SEP should pay close attention and spare no effort to complete the preparation work assigned by SPIC according to the related requirements and deadlines.



Wu Xilin highly complimented SEP’s outstanding performance in overseas development. He asked SEP to promote its experience to the whole group company and compile an overseas investment risk guide conforming to international development needs, practicability, prospectiveness and innovation so that SPIC could establish a more normative set of risk management standard for overseas development. He hoped that Overseas Investment Risk Management Guide would also lead other subsidiaries of SPIC to develop overseas business.


Related staff of Audit and Internal Control Department of SPIC and heads of all the departments of SEP attended the meeting.

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