Liu Wei from SPIC giving a lecture in SEP

On September 8, deputy director of Policy Studies and Intellectual Property Department, Liu Wei, gives a lecture titled “Basics of Nuclear Power and the Industry Development” in the lecture room in 35th floor lecture hall. The lecture was hosted by SEP chairman Mr.Wang Yundan,attends by general manager Mr.Wang Huaiming, deputy general manager Mr.Xing Lianzhong, secretary of discipline inspection commission and labour union chairman Mr.Gu Ai. Total 110 section chiefs from the company listens to the lecture in the main hall, and also leaders in Kanshan Power Plant, Changxing Gas Power Plant, Huaihu Power Plant, Tianji No. 2 Thermal Power Plant, Baling Group, SEP Japan subsidiary listens to the lecture by video conference in 6 other parallel sessions.

Mr. Liu demonstrates the basic knowledge of nuclear power in a vivid manner for the audiences. In the lecture, he reviews and analyzes the great events relevant to the upgrading and developing of CAP1400 self-owned intellectual property, since the introduction of foreign technology American AP1000. Moreover, he anatomizes the domestic nuclear power industrial policies and forecasts the prospect of the third generation nuclear technology going abroad. The lecture receives enthusiastic responds and active interaction among the audiences.


Mr. Wang Yundan points out that the lecture was of great importance. In order to follow the new situation of restructuring SPIC and conform to the new requirements for SEP raised by the SPIC, it is advisable to promote discipline integration, industry convergence and culture fusion. SEP is determined to initiate changes and adapting to changes, follow the new trend to achieve new development and seize the opportunity in new normal situations.

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