Wang Huaiming Heading Special Inspection for Safety Production to Wujing Thermal Power Plant

On August 31, genaral manager of SEP Mr.Wang Huaiming, heads special inspection for safety production to Wujing Thermal Power Plant. SEP deputy chief engineer and director of production technology department, Mr.Zhai Deshuang, together with director of safety environment production department, Ding Mingdong, accompany in the inspection.

The team inspects the oil storage area, ammonia station, hydrogen storage area, dangerous cargo warehouse, etc. and ask the plant workers about the equipment status, safety management, emergency measures for fire protection and so on.


Wang Huaiming points out that safety production is the base and precondition for various works in the plant and shall be put in the first place, its importance shall be fully acknowledged by all the plant leaders. Mr. Wang raises three demands: First, stick to the principles and make strict supervision on performing of  duties, in which leaders shall perform “two duties for one post” and thoroughly implement safety production management level by level; Second, any violation of rules and regulations shall not be tolerated and be punished with iron wrist, insist on implementing rules and regulations of the plant; Third, remove hidden dangers by strong efforts in equipment, management and personnel to eliminate various hidden dangers. Meanwhile, he stresses that the responsibility of safety production shall be fully taken by every worker. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to enhance the workers’ sense of safety production and improve their safety production skills, organize corresponding training lesson to the workers while take advantage of incentive mechanism to build a qualified, diligent and votive working team.

Wang Huaiming acknowledges of outside workers condition, plant operating conditions and electricity provision guarantee in the War of Resistance Memorial Day, after that he fully affirms the plant’s achievements in stabilizing safety production and improving operation economic benefits from January to August.. He expresses his wishes based on safety production precondition, the plant will keep in good condition and overcome various difficulties to improve efficiency, make more achievements and finish the full year tasks. (Wujing Thermal Power Plant).

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