SEP Independent Directors Inspect Changxing Gas-fired Power Generation

On September 25, 2015, accompanied by SEP Chairman Wang Yundan, independent directors of the company, Xia Dawei, Shao Shiwei, Yu Xinyang, Gao Yufeng, Jin Mingda and Xu Fei went to Gas-fired Power Generation for field survey.

Wang Yundan reported the company’s production and operation conditions in 2015 to the independent directors, including a detailed report on the implementation of the company’s overseas strategy. Ye Fengchun, General Manager of Changxing Gas-fired Power Generation, reported the construction, production and operation conditions of the power plant since the acquisition. All the independent directors fully affirmed the achievements of SEP and Changxing Gas-fired Power Generation, and also provided precious opinions on the company’s overseas development and risk prevention etc.


Sun Ji, SEP Director, Deputy President and CFO, and Xia Meixing, Deputy President and Board Secretary, as well as persons in charge of Planning and Development Department, Finance Department, Securities Department etc also accompanied them in the survey.

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