SPIC Expert Gives Lecture to SEP


On September 8, 2015, Liu Wei, Deputy Director of Policy Research and Intellectual Property Department of SPIC, delivered a lecture titled “The Foundation and Industry Development of Nuclear Power” at the SEP headquarters. SEP Chairman Wang Yundan presided over the lecture, while SEP President Wang Huaiming, Deputy President Xing Lianzhong, and Secretary of Disciplinary Inspection Committee and Chairman of Labor Union, Gu Ai also attended the lecture. A total of 110 plant/department-chief-level leading cadres listened to the lecture in the main venue, while the other plant/department-chief-level leading cadres from 6 branch venues, namely, Kanshan Power Plant, Changxing Gas-fired Power Generation, Huaihu Electric Power, Tianji No. 2 Power Plant, Baling Group and SEP Japan, listened to the lecture via video conference.

Liu popularized elementary knowledge of nuclear power in vivid explanation, and reviewed the big events of China’s introduction of AP1000 technology from the United States, based on which China further developed the upgraded and updated CAP1400 technology with independent intellectual property. He analyzed the nuclear power industrial policy in China deeply, and prospected the “Going Out” vision of the third generation nuclear power technology of the newly-established SPIC. The audience in the meeting places responded enthusiastically, with active interactions.


Wang Yundan attached great significance to this lecture. In order to conform to the new situation after reorganization of SPIC, meet the new requirements of SPIC for the development of SEP in a better way, against the backdrop of discipline, industry and cultural integration, SEP should go with the flow, seize the opportunity, attempt to realize new development in the new normal and new situation with positive attitude of initiating changes, meeting changes by adapting to changes.

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