Wang Yundan Meets Tanzanian Finance Ministry Official

From September 7 to 9, 2015, Dr. Mafuru, Treasury Registrar (TR) of Ministry of Finance Tanzania and Mhaiki, Deputy Managing Director of Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) together with his delegation visited SEP headquarters.

SEP Chairman Wang Yundan and Deputy President Guo Baohong met with Dr. Mafuru and Mhaiki. Both parties held in-depth conversations on the progress of Tanzanian project and exchanged ideas over the next step of work.
Wang firstly expressed welcome to Dr. Mafuru and his delegation, and gave a brief introduction to SPIC and SEP. With respect to the project in Tanzania, Wang stressed that SPIC and SEP attached great importance to the project progress, and both the Chinese and Tanzanian sides should make joint efforts to solve the existing key problems of the project as quickly as possible, commence works as soon as possible, and attempt to build the Tanzanian project into a harmonious, clean, high-efficient and win-win project. 

During the visit of Dr. Mafuru in China, Guo accompanied them to visit Luojing Power Plant, Caojing Cogeneration and Caojing Power Plant. Dr. Mafuru highly praised lean and efficient production management of SEP as well as its modern plant environment.
Senior executives of Shangtan Power Generation, Luojing Power Plant, Caojing Cogeneration, Caojing Power Plant and SEP Engineering also participated in the visit.

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