Wang Huaiming Inspects Wujing Thermal Power Plant

On August 31, 2015, SEP President Wang Huaiming conducted a special inspection of safety production on Wujing Thermal Power Plant. Zhai Deshuang, Deputy Chief Engineer and Director of Production and Technology Department, and Ding Mingdong, Director of Safety and Environmental Supervision Department, accompanied him for the inspection.

Wang inspected the tank zone, ammonia station, hydrogen station as well as dangerous cargo warehouse, and asked the plant staff about the equipment status, safety management, fire-fighting and emergency measures, etc.

Wang pointed out that safety production is the foundation and prerequisite for all of the plant’s work and shall be put in the first place, which shall be fully acknowledged by the plant leaders. Wang put forward three demands on safety production: firstly, stick to strict implementation of duty fulfillment, and leaders shall perform “two duties for one post”, carry out safety production management seriously and thoroughly, level by level; secondly, carry out anti-violation of regulations with iron hands, persist in regulation implementation resolutely, with zero tolerance for violations against relevant rules and regulations; thirdly, eliminate hidden dangers with determined heart. Strengthen troubleshooting of hidden dangers in terms of equipment, management and personnel, in order to eliminate various hidden dangers. Meanwhile, Wang stressed that the responsibility of safety production shall be fully carried out by every employee, and therefore, it is extremely necessary to enhance the staff’s sense of responsibility and their safety production skills. Corresponding training courses for the staff needed to be organized while taking advantage of incentive mechanism to build a dedicated, capable, diligent and positive working team.

Wang fully affirmed the plant’s achievements in stabilizing safety production and improving operation performance from January to August after acquiring an overall acknowledgment of overseas staff situation, the plant’s operating status and electricity supply security conditions on the Anti-Japanese War Victory Day. He also required the plant to keep in good conditions and overcome various difficulties in order to improve efficiency, make more achievements and complete the annual targets under the conditions of ensuring safety production.

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