Wang Yundan, Wang Huaiming meet Envision Energy CEO

On June 30, 2015, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan and SEP President Wang Huaiming met Zhang Lei, CEO of Envision Energy and his delegation at the headquarters. Both parties held a conversation on deepening wind power cooperation.

Wang Yundan warmly welcomed the delegation of Zhang Lei. He introduced the history, current development and future development strategy of SEP. Wang said that SEP would continue to realize its objective of becoming a leading company in Shanghai, based in Shanghai, thriving in China and excellent worldwide. Motivated by the “Three-thousand” hardworking spirit, the company will strive to develop and strengthen its clean energy and service businesses under the strategy of “Four Transformation”.


Zhang Lei appreciated the achievements of SEP have made in the clean energy industry especially in the field of wind power. He expressed willingness to strengthen cooperation with SEP to further expand the market.

Envision Energy is a leading global provider of energy internet technology services and is devoted to solving the challenges faced by the renewable energy era. Its services include research and sales of smart turbines, smart wind farm software and technological services, energy internet technological services and total solutions for smart city. Envision Energy has already extended its global strategy to Denmark, America, Britain, Japan and China.


Yu Jian, General Manager of Shanghai Electric Power New Energy Development Co., Ltd. also attended the meeting.

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