Wang Yundan Meets Chairwoman of Silk Road Fund

On June 26, 2015, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan, and Deputy President Xia Meixing met Jin Qi, Chairwoman of the Silk Road Fund Co., Ltd. with her delegation, and held an enterprise symposium together with Silk Road Fund, Shanghai Electric Group Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Decent Investment (Group) Co. Ltd.


At the symposium, Wang introduced the historical development and recent performance of SEP, and emphasized on the general information and latest development of the overseas projects in the recent years. Jin asked a few questions in accordance with the reports delivered by the three companies, focusing on the experience of investment, management and competition while Chinese enterprises “go global”. Jin fully affirmed the achievements which the three companies have made overseas and expressed that the Silk Road Fund is a service agency for overseas businesses and will actively help Chinese enterprises implement the strategy of “One Belt and One Road”. The fund would like to hold further discussions on the projects with various companies in the future and communicate deeply on potential cooperation opportunities. Jin also expressed appreciation to the companies present at the meeting for sharing their overseas development experience.



Chen Wenhao, Director of Finance Department and Li E, Director of International Business Department of SEP also attended the meeting as company representatives.

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