Wang Yundan Greets Workers in Changxing Island Power Plant on Labor Day

  On the morning of Labor Day on May 1, 2015, SEP Chairman Wang Yundan visited Changxing Island Power Plant to extend sincere regards to the front-line workers. Wang asked about the detailed working and living conditions on the island, then inspected and gave guidance on the work of the power plant.

  Wang confirmed the power plant’s achievements in management, security and environment protection, engineering project construction and team work style construction. He expressed that it is not easy to accomplish long-term safe operation in the power plant. Besides, in the aspect of energy conservation and environment protection, the power plant carried out technology renovation in wet electrostatic precipitator and achieved a remarkable effect in de-SOx and de-NOx renovation projects, which generated good social and economic value.

  Wang required the power plant to overcome further hardships, conduct research and formulate plans internally to improve automation level and raise labor productivity, and carry out continuous innovation and expand market externally, promote “Three Thousand” hardworking spirit, broaden the heat supply market and business scope, in the hopes of becoming a comprehensive energy service provider on Changxing Island.

  Gao Jianlin, General Manager of Changxing Island Power Plant delivered a work report. He noted that the power plant will continue to refer to “Four Efforts and Four Achievements” as the management idea throughout the year, take advantage of “Lean Management” methodology, and emphasize “Four Care” working spirit. Under the care and leadership of SEP, all workers of the power plant will unite and work together, innovate and run the enterprise according to law, in order to accomplish the working target this year.

  Chairman Wang also visited production line such as control rooms for electrical, turbine, boiler, de-SOx and de-NOx devices. Wang shook hands with the workers still on duty despite Labor Day holiday and gave sincere congratulations to them.

  Zhang Jian, Deputy Chief Economist of SEP, Zhai Deshuang, Deputy Chief Engineer and Manager of Production and Technology Department, and other related persons in charge of Safety and Environmental Supervision Department, General Office and SEP Operation also participated in the visit.

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