SEP Won the Title of “2014 Top 100 Listed Companies Most Respected by Investors”

    Recently, the four-month-lasting appraisal and election of“listed companies most respected by investors” held by China Association forListed Companies, Insurance Fund and a number of industry bodiesannounce the result: SEP Won the title of “2014 Top 100 Listed Companies Most Respected by Investors”.

    This activity, approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission, aims to implement the State Council’s plan "to further strengthen the protection of legitimate interests of small investors in capital market”, guide and encourage listed companies to continue to enhance investor protection awareness, strengthen investor relation management, and continuously enhance investor protection.


    Strict standards were used in the selection and appraisal of the finalists, which include the implementation and compliance of related laws and regulations; emphasis on investor protection and investor relations management; the standard, adequacy, timeliness and effectiveness of information disclosed; better awareness and ability of innovation and development; and outstanding operating performance or dramatically increasedperformance. The winners were elected through votes by the investors.

    Since its listing, SEP has always attached great importance to investor relations and corporate governance.Besides, SEP developed a corporate governance structure of scientific decision-making and coordinated operation, made great efforts to improve transparencyand actively establish a good corporate image in the capital market. There is a long way before full implementation of investor protection. SEP will continue to make innovation in investor relation management, adhere to the principle of ‘development, profit and harmony’, strive to maximize the value of the companyand ensure the fundamental interests of investors.

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