The Company Won the Titles of “Outstanding Contributor in Reform” and “The Most Respected and Valuable Listed Company”

    On January 17 and 18, 2015, the 2014 China Reform and Development Forum & the 13th China Reform News Tour and Figure Meeting and the 2nd Chinese Financial Leader Annual Conference & 2014 China Business Figure of the Year Awards Ceremony were held, during which Company won the titles of “Outstanding Contributor in Reform” and “The Most Respected and Valuable Listed Company”. Chairman Wang Yundan was named “Top Ten Innovative Figures in China’s Reform 2014” and “China’s Financial Figure of the Year”. Because of this, the Company presents a newer and better image to the public. Mr. GuoBaohong, Deputy General Manager, on behalf of SEP, attended the award ceremony.

    This represents the great progress made by SEP in carrying out the ‘1234 strategic system. Over the years, SEP has made great effort in scientific and technological innovation, structural adjustment, industrial distribution, transformation and upgrade, setting up new records in economic benefits for consecutive four years. When supplying safe and stable electricity to ensure the social and economic development, SEP adheres to scientific and technological innovation and makes tremendous contribution in improving the environment and gains good reputation.

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