Overseas Development Conversazione Held in SEP

    On November 16, overseas development conversazione was held. The attendants include Chairman Wang Yundan, General Manger Wang Hauiming, Deputy General Manager Sun Ji and Sun Weidong, Secretary to Discipline Committee & the Labor Union President Wang Guoliang, Deputy General Manager Guo Baohong, Xing Lianzhong and Xia Meixing, general manager assistant, assistant chief engineer and department heads.

    At the meeting, Chairman Wang Yundan chairman made an important speech. He emphasized that it is necessary for SEP to ‘go out’; ‘going out’ is line with the national strategy, the Group’s strategy and Shanghai city’s development strategy and is in line with SEP’s own needs; the company must make breakthrough in existing development mode, promote the ‘four conversions’ and achieve the aim of ‘creating another SEP by 2020’; we must capitalize the opportunity of overseas development, fully rely on our own financial and technical competence, put in to practice the requirement of ‘changing from previous labor export to higher level output of capital, technology, equipments and management’ put forward by the Group at the beginning of 2014; in the process of overseas development, SEP shall adhere to the corporate culture of ‘tradition, innovation and excellence’; we should have firm confidence, overcome difficulties, create value, spread positive energy and try to make ‘the superior relaxed, the workmates eased and the employees happy’. Besides, Chairman Wang Yundan also shared his feeling of ‘going out’. He said that overseas development can bring many benefits; more efforts should be made in project risk control; we should speed up the construction of overseas talents; it is necessary toestablish a good corporate image; it is required that all leaders of departments shall unite as one and incorporate the management philosophy into the services; all should pool ours efforts together and carry forward the spirit of ‘making every endeavor, overcoming innumerable trials and hardships, thousands of words and rising up to difficulties and dangers’ so as to do a good job in overseas development. Third, Chairman Wang Yundan stressed that we must balance the relation between market and partners, the one between risk and profit and the one between resource allocation and capacity; it is necessary to make good use of the management tools, such as BPR and QHSE, speed up the implementation of ERP and make it information flattening; introduce and train international talents; accelerate the transformation and development of engineering company; and promote the upgrading and development of Ming World Company and the operating company. All these will lay a good foundation for the aim of ‘creating another SEP by 2020’.

    General Manger Wang Huaiming summarized the fruits of this meeting and announced the plans for the next steps. He called upon all employees to thoroughly study and understand the spirit of the meeting; make advanced arrangements and put priority on the resource allocation and put this meet’s spirit into the overseas development and the work plan and priorities of 2015; all overseas project companies and units undertaking overseas tasks should keep this in mind---‘even the wise are not always free from error’; they should further optimize and improve the current project development and implementation; all departments should give priority on services; all should take the initiative to do a good job in management and guide. All the staff and carders should strive to create another SEP by 2020.

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