Chairman Wang Yundan Discussed Energy Cooperation during His Visit to Malta and Montenegro

    From October 13 to 16, Chairman Wang Yundan visited Malta and Montenegro, where he met with Maltese President Mary ? Ms. PuleiKa, Maltese Prime Minister, Mr. Muscat and Ministers of Ministry of Sustainable Development and Minister of Economic Affairs of Montenegro. They talked over energy cooperation.

    Chairman Wang Yundan was warmly welcomed by Ms. Mary ? PuleiKa President of Malta, and Mr Muscat the Prime Minister. They spoke highly of the contribution made by SEP on Malta socio-economic development, and expressed their hopes to further speed up the construction of the project and sign the agreement and complete capital injection before the end of 2014, thus laying a solid foundation for following cooperation.

    Chairman Wang Yundan expressed his gratitude to Malta government. He said that SEP would accelerate the process and make greater contribution to the development of clean and reliable energy supply in Malta. He also said SEP would make great efforts to adopt into the local culture and contribute the long-lasting friendship between China and Malta.

    Mr. Conrad ? Meads, Malta's Energy Minister, Mr. Sun, deputy general manager of SEP, and Mr. Sheng Baojie, person in charge of the project were all present.

    In Montenegro, Chairman Wang Yundan visited the ministers of Ministry of Sustainable Development and Ministry of Economy. (Sheng Baojie, Liu Liya)

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