Chairman Wang Yundan met Ding Hao, president of World Expo Development Group

    On August 1, Chairman Wang Yundan met Ding Hao, president of World Expo Development Group and other relevant personnel. Regarding further cooperation, Chairman Wang Yundan and Ding Hao exchanged views. Xi Qunfeng, deputy president of World Expo Development Group and Hu Shunmin, deputy chief economist, also attended the meeting.

    First, Chairman Wang Yundan thanked Shanghai World Expo Development Group for its assistance in investment. He briefly introduced the preliminary design plan of the headquarter building in East China region. However, he said, due to the influence of prior schedule, the pace of overall progress was slowed. At the same time, he also described the energy supply programs designed for the A Area. He said that this will greatly escalate the regional function and make it more suitable for the international image.

    Ding Hao introduced the comprehensive development and construction of the Expo area, in the hope the company can accelerate the progress of construction in East China Group headquarters building, made of benchmarking and templates within the region. Meanwhile, he affirmed the Expo Energy Center upgraded to four control solutions for energy, and energy to build the Expo Center Area a project with Shanghai Electric Power confident hope that the company can further optimize the project plan and achieve mutual benefit and common development.

    During the meeting, Ding Hao, accompanied by Chairman Wang Yundan, visited the company’s showroom.

    Xia Meixing, deputy general manager, officers from planning department, human resources department, and Expo A Lot project office as well as green energy companies and other personnel also attended the meeting.

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