SPIC Website: SEP Caojing Power Plant Sludge Disposal Phase II Project Starts Construction

Recently, SEP Caojing Power Plant held a groundbreaking ceremony of the sludge disposal phase II project for its two 1000 MW units, marking the official start of the project construction.

Since it was put into operation on October 24, 2019, the sludge treatment work of Caojing Power Plant has initially shown its social and economic benefits. Up to now, the project has disposed a total of about 115,000 tons of sludge, which has realized the harmless sludge disposal with waste reduction and resource recovery, solved the environmental pollution problem caused by sludge disposal from the source, and made a positive contribution to improving the ecological environment of Shanghai area and achieving multiple benefits for the local economy, environment and society.

The sludge disposal phase II project has an annual disposal capacity of 350,000 tons, representing another forceful move of the power plant to further deepen the sludge disposal work and another key step to integrate into the urban living business as a traditional thermal power enterprise. The power plant is confident and determined to ensure that the project will be built as another demonstration project of sludge disposal for thermal power enterprises in Shanghai on the premise of putting it into operation as scheduled.

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