SPIC Website: SEP Hunutlu Thermal Power Plant Dock Area Approved as Special Security Zone in Turkey

Recently, EMBA Electricity Production Inc. (EMBA), SEP's Turkish subsidiary, received an official notification from Adana Provincial Government that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has issued the No. 2730 presidential decree that announced the dock area of Hunutlu Thermal Power Plant Project as a special security zone. The dedicated wharf of Hunutlu Thermal Power Plant became the first private wharf in Turkey to be approved as a special security zone.

According to the provisions of the Law on Military Prohibited Zones and Military Security Zones, an area within 400 meters from the periphery of the site and facility of strategic value that belongs to the public or private organization in Turkey, as approved by the General Staff and declared by the presidential decree, can be classified as a special security zone. As a special security zone, the dock will be under the full military protection from the Turkish Navy and no vessel will be allowed to berth without permission. The approval of the special security zone indicated the Turkish government's recognition for the strategic value of Hunutlu Thermal Power Plant. Besides, the project is located in the Eastern Mediterranean, which is an important international transport route, and the damage to the jetty caused by the arbitrary docking of commercial vessels occurs from time to time. Therefore, the approval of the special security zone for the dedicated terminal of Hunutlu Thermal Power Plant will effectively reduce the risk of damage to the terminal and fully guarantee its safety.

In addition, pursuant to the Law on Industrial Parks, EMBA has applied for the incorporation of the special security zone of the dock into the special industrial zone of the power plant, so that both the power plant and the dock area will be able to enjoy the preferential fiscal and tax policies related to the special industrial zone. Upon the approval of the application, EMBA will be able to obtain the reduction and exemption of the sea usage fee for the dock area from the General Administration of Real Estate of the Ministry of Finance of Turkey.

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