SPIC Website: SEP 'Shangdian Xiang'an 7' Honored Outstanding Shift Team of National 'Ankang Cup' Competition

On June 13, the award ceremony for the outstanding shift team of the National "Ankang Cup" Competition (Shanghai area) in 2018-2019 was held on board the SEP Fuel's ship named "Shangdian Xiang'an 7". "Ankang Cup" is a mass production safety activity jointly sponsored by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions and the Ministry of Emergency Management, and is also an effective carrier for SEP Fuel to carry out crew safety work.

This is another glory after four vessels of Xiang'an Shipping affiliated to SEP Fuel won the honors of "Honest Ship" from Maritime Safety Administration of Ministry of Transport, which also showcased the good image of the crew of Xiang'an Shipping affiliated to SEP Fuel with excellent quality, outstanding skills and first-class service. Xiang'an Shipping always focuses on the goal of building a first-class shipping enterprise in China, takes "Ankang Cup" and other competitions as the opportunity to deeply integrate the ship production safety with the shipping work, and continues to implement the advanced safety concept, scientific safety management methods and practical safety management skills into the daily shipping production  with the forms and contents of the activities that are rich and effective and loved by the crew. It also takes carrying out SPIC's safety culture concept as an effective means, organizes activities such as "Zero Accident, Zero Casualty" and "Anti-Three Violations" to strengthen the source management and raise the crew's awareness of safety responsibilities, so as to build a safety line of defense for the construction of first-class shipping company.

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