SPIC Website: 1st Steel Structure of Unit 2 Boiler at Hunutlu Thermal Power Plant Erected Successfully in Turkey

At 9:17 am local time on March 21, 2020, at the word of command by Fang Jie, Deputy GM of EMBA Electricity Production Inc. (EMBA) and Director of Hunutlu Thermal Power Plant Project Preparatory Office, the first steel structure of Unit 2 boiler was moved slowly to the base of the steel structure and hoisted into place successfully, marking the official start of the erection work of Unit 2 boiler at Hunutlu Thermal Power Plant.

The steel structure erected is 13.16 meters high and weighs 12.6 tons. Before the lifting operation, EMBA, the owner, and Shandong Chengxin Engineering Construction Supervision Co., the owner's engineer, carried out an inspection on the load rate of the main hoisting machinery, welding quality of the steel structure and various safety measures item by item, while the leaders of general contractor and main subcontractor conducted safety and technology disclosure for the construction workers, in order to ensure the smooth progress of lifting and erection work.

After the successful erection of the steel structure, Fang Jie expressed heartfelt thanks to all the participating companies for their hard work. Despite the increasingly severe situation of COVID-19 in Turkey, all the participating companies improved the epidemic prevention and control actively, strove to overcome various difficulties such as personnel shortage and delay in material supplies, and ensured the orderly progress of the project construction according to the schedule, carrying forward the spirit of fearlessness and dedication of the electricity project construction workers, demonstrating the  responsibility and mission of the electricity personnel to actively participate in the key projects of the Belt and Road Initiative, he said. He also hoped the participating companies to continue to overcome difficulties with concerted efforts, make new achievements in winning the virus battle and ensuring production stability, and endeavor to build Hunutlu Thermal Power Plant Project into a demonstration project.

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