SPIC Website: SEP Caojing Power Plant Sludge Blending Combustion Project Launched

Recently, SEP Caojing Power Plant sludge blending combustion project launching ceremony was held at the No. 2 circular coal yard of the power plant. At 3:57 pm, the sludge from Fengxian and Songjiang districts was poured into the emergency coal hopper, marking the official start of the sludge blending combustion project.

In 2018, in response to the call of National Energy Administration and Ministry of Ecology and Environment, SEP determined to give full play to the clean and efficient coal-fired power generation technology of the 1000 MW class units of Caojing Power Plant as well as its mature and stable coal blending combustion technology and ultra-low emission facilities to carry out sludge blending combustion work. The project not only represents a solid step towards the transformation and upgrading of Caojing Power Plant as a traditional thermal power enterprise, but also marks a key link for the power plant to deeply integrate into the urban life business pattern as a central SOE. The power plant conducted the sludge blending combustion tests for four times successively, and verified the adaptability of the 1000 MW unit burning sludge with 60% water content for the first time in the industry. In the experiment, the highest rate of blending combustion reached 15%, and the daily maximum amount of blending combustion was 704 tons.

Over the past year, SEP has been communicating and coordinating with the related departments including Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Shanghai Water Authority and Shanghai Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau many times, and actively boosting the related matters of sludge blending combustion, in order to promote the implementation of the project as soon as possible. On October 21, Shanghai Municipal Ecology and Environment Bureau officially approved SEP Caojing Power Plant blending combustion project with annual treatment amount of 100,000 tons of sludge with 60% water content. The project realized the harmless minimization resource utilization of sludge disposal, solved the environmental pollution caused by sludge treatment from the source, and has made positive contributions to improving the ecological environment around Shanghai and bringing benefits to local economy, environment and society.

The related personnel of Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Shanghai Water Authority, Fengxian and Songjiang district water authorities and SEP attended the launching ceremony.

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