Zhoudao: SEP Overseas Staff Eat 'National Day Noodles' on Mediterranean Island

On the evening of September 30, 2019 local time, all the Chinese employees of SEP (Malta) Holding Ltd. (SEPM) staying in Malta gathered together to conduct an activity of "Sharing National Day noodles and wishing China peace and prosperity", which expressed their thoughts and blessings to the motherland from the Mediterranean island thousands of miles away.


With the bright five-starred red flags fluttering in the corner of the table and on the wall, setting off the smiling faces, all the staff sat together around the table to share the steaming hot "longevity noodles" amid a happy and peaceful National Day atmosphere.
On behalf of all the Chinese employees of the company, Sheng Baojie, Party Secretary and CEO of SEPM, sent his birthday wishes to our great motherland at 6 pm Malta time and 0 am Beijing time on October 1, wishing the country continued peace and prosperity.

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