SPIC Website: SEP Sweeps National Power Industry QC Results Contest with Multiple Prizes

Recently, China Association for Water and Electricity Quality Management announced that the QC project titled "Shorten standard-exceeding length of desulfurization system gypsum waste water turbidity" by SEP Operation won the grand prize of the 2019 power industry excellent quality management team achievements releasing. Five QC projects from Wujing Power Plant, SEP Operation, Changxing Gas-fired Power Generation, Tianji Power Plant and Caojing Cogeneration were awarded first prizes of achievements releasing. In addition, another seven projects by Wujing Power Plant, Caojing Power Plant, SEP Engineering, Waigaoqiao Power Plant and Caojing Cogeneration won second and third prizes of results releasing, which brought a bumper crop of prizes to SEP this time.


China Association for Water and Electricity Quality Management held four sessions of the 2019 National Electricity Industry Excellent Quality Management Team Results Display and Exchange Conference in Fuqing, Fujian province in June and in Chengdu, Sichuan province in July respectively. Among all the achievements of the classifications of power generation, construction, designing and building, 283 pieces were selected as excellent results.


SEP will continue to publicize and promote excellent methods and experience in quality management, and keep up the good work in constructing a powerful country of quality, and make new achievements in the future enterprise quality management work.

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