SPIC Website: SEP Dafeng Offshore Wind Power Project Conducts High Altitude Escape Drill from WTG Side

In order to improve the self-rescue and mutual-rescue ability of wind turbine personnel and enhance the emergency escape system, Dafeng Offshore Wind Power Project organized Envision Energy, SEP Operation and other related project construction companies and O&M companies to carry out a high altitude escape drill from the side of wind turbine generator (WTG) nacelle on the No. 45 nacelle platform of the project.


The escape drill simulated the process that the maintenance personnel had an emergency escape from the emergency escape exit of the nacelle at about 100 meters above sea level when the frequency conversion cabinet at the bottom of the WTG tower caught fire and thus blocked the escape by climbing the ladder. Due to relatively high risks involved in this drill, dummy models were adopted to conduct the high altitude downhill as the escape objects on site.


In order to ensure the safety in the process of the drill and gain practical effect, HSE department of Dafeng Offshore Wind Power Project held a detailed and comprehensive safety disclosure towards all the personnel participating in the drill before the drill, and arranged countermeasures against possible emergencies. After the drill started, all the participating personnel held the exercise following various links including the fire happening, the escape by climbing the ladder being blocked and the escape from the emergency escape exit of the nacelle under the unified coordination of the field commander. Due to adequate preparation and proper division of labor, the participating personnel responded quickly and executed properly during the drill, which was held orderly and steadily in the whole course. After the drill, the evaluation group experts invited to participate in the drill conducted a summary assessment on the emergency exercise, and put forward relevant rectification opinions on the problems found in the drill especially.


Through this high altitude escape drill, the participating personnel mastered the escape method in case of emergencies, the usage of escape equipment as well as the countermeasures against the problems that may occur in the escape process, and the employees of the project improved their emergency response capacity for handling emergencies relating to wind turbines, safety protection capability and the ability to escape from dangers, and thus laid a solid foundation for strengthening the construction of safety emergency management system for Dafeng Offshore Wind Power Project.

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