SPIC Website: SEP Waigaoqiao Power Plant Volunteers Provide Service at Subway Station

During the Spring Festival, SEP Waigaoqiao Power Plant employees wearing red vests printed with "subway volunteers" and information cards "stuck to their positions" in another way, sending light and warmth for the sake of happy family reunion of the people.


Shanghai is a popular tourist destination in China during the Spring Festival, while Lujiazui is a most-visited scenic spot in Shanghai, which makes the Lujiazui subway station a busy transport hub for large passenger flow. There are long queues in front of the ticket machines from time to time and the ticket turnstiles would get stuck with a large crowd of people frequently. Each volunteer had to serve two or three passengers at the same time with coordinated work of mouth and hands, in order to ensure the rapid and smooth flow of subway passengers.


Since its establishment in 2005, SEP Waigaoqiao Power Plant volunteer team has been organizing volunteer service teams to Lujiazui station of Shanghai metro line No. 2 during the golden week holiday of the National Day and the Spring Festival every year for 13 consecutive years according to the actual production situation of the power plant, providing accumulated services of over 1500 person-times. Over the years, the activity has been praised by both passengers and subway operators, and has won the honors of outstanding contribution team and individual volunteer for many times.

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