SPIC Website: SEP Changxing Gas-fired Power Generation Passes First Re-examination of DNV

Recently, SEP Changxing Gas-fired Power Generation successfully passed the annual review of management system certification organized by DNV.


Since the power plant passed the management system certification of DNV for the first time in 2017, it has been actively implementing the related concepts and requirements of SEP on quality, safety, health and environmental protection, and constantly strengthening management improvement in field safety, equipment and facilities, marketing and procurement, administrative management and other related fields in compliance with international standards. In daily management, the power plant paid attention to intensifying risk identification and control, and implanted the PDCA concept, which effectively guaranteed the continuous improvement of management system and continuous effectiveness of process performance. The above work was unanimously recognized by the panel members in this review.


Changxing Gas-fired Power Generation passing the annual review of standard implementation by DNV was another piece of good news for the power plant following receiving good results in the provincial selection of quality trustworthy shift teams and winning AA rating of performance excellence benchmark in the power industry.

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