SPIC Website: SEP Liangji New Energy Passes DNV Certification for QHSE Management System

Recently, good news came from SEP Liangji New Energy (SEP Xinda) that the company passed the QHSE management system certification of DNV and obtained the certificate.


In order to ensure the smooth approval of the standard implementation certification, the company leaders paid special attention to the relevant work, established leading group and working group the first time following the initiation of approval work at the beginning of the year, and organized and conducted the work orderly. The leaders and related Party members and cadres of the company even took the lead to abandon holidays and rest time, coordinated with the DNV audit panel in strict compliance with the requirements of three major QHSE management systems, and conducted audit on the company's QHSE management system. The DNV audit panel carried out strict audit on the company in various respects including project development, engineering management, bidding and purchasing, emergency management and compliance evaluation, finally determined that the company's QHSE management system passed the official on-site certification, and issued three sets of certificates for quality, occupational health and environmental management in both Chinese and English versions.


SEP Liangji New Energy (SEP Xinda) gaining the DNV certificate indicated that the company reached the world-leading level in the industry in terms of quality, occupational health and safety and environmental management. The company will continue to follow the QHSE management system, focus on the key problems in the company's management field through certification, seriously analyze the cause, make related measures and make various aspects of work more detail-oriented and refined, and thus promote high-quality and comprehensive development of the company, in order to assist SEP in striving to become the pioneer and pacesetter of SPIC for the strategy in the new era.

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