SPIC Website: SEP Tianji Power Plant Passes National Electricity Industry Performance Excellence Benchmark Field Review with AAA Rating

Recently, Tianji Power Plant successfully passed the national electricity industry performance excellence benchmark site assessment organized by China Water Resource Electricity Quality Control Association, and acquired the rating of AAA, indicating that the power plant has made a significant step in the implementation of performance excellence management and the construction of a clean and high-efficient benchmark power plant.


During the group review, various panel judges conducted strict evaluation and detailed diagnosis from seven aspects including leadership and strategy, customers and market, resource allocation, process management, measurement, analysis and improvement as well as performance result by means of data review, site inspection, meeting and discussion, etc. The review expert group spoke highly of the power plant for scientific and technological innovation, lean management, social responsibility, electricity market development, production improvement and efficiency enhancement and related fields. They reached consensus that the power plant has effectively introduced the performance excellence model with outstanding achievements, and therefore unanimously decided that the power plant passed the field review of performance excellence benchmark with the rating of AAA. The power plant will continue to improve performance excellence management, further enhance overall quality management, and strive to build a clean and high-efficient benchmark power plant soon.

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